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​​I know what it feels like to show up to races and to barely finish before that clock stops ticking.  I remember how it felt to get in shape and how rewarding it is to simply cross a finish line of any distance.With a debilitating injury and determination I found the help of a running coach and physical therapist who took me from chasing cut-offs to chasing the fast girls!

I was never athletic in my younger years and started by taking up mountain biking.  That lead to multiple injuries that then took me on a mountain climbing journey where I have summitted many high mountains included Denali in Alaska.  After meeting my husband Ryan who is an accomplished ultra runner I took up trail running more frequently. 

I broke my pubic bone from lack of training and trying to put on high mileage without a proper base.  I spent a year of my life in pain and angry.In 2012 with the help of Jack Pilla who began coaching me for running without injury, Amber Ferriera who was my pro-triathlete physical therapist and life coach Ann Hampton who changed my outlook on life in 1 hour I went from a back of the pack runner to chasing the fast girls! 

I race in all distances up to 100 miles and am an avid snowshoe racer.Luck soon came my way and I found myself a sponsored runner and in a position to help others change their lives like I did. 

I want to take non runners and back-mid pack runners on a fun life changing journey.  I believe in making running fun and slowly incorporating it into your life.  I can't share all my secrets of coaching but I can tell you that if you decide to work with me you will find that I will hold you accountable for your "homework" but also wont scold you or make you feel bad.  Instead we will work through your barriers gently and help you achieve your goals.

If you do decide to hire me for any of my coaching options or clinics you will also be entitled to discounted or free entry into any of the races I direct, you will receive discounts from some of my sponsors throughout the year and you will have access to my private Facebook group where you can ask questions, I can post tips and you can chat with other clients.Email me and see how I can change your life.  I can help you find fitness, health, new friends, happiness, a new outlook on life and an improved self esteem!

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Kristina is also in ISSA certified personal trainer